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Sitters and Milestones(Photography Shoots

These are for babies between 6-9 months old, once they are able to sit unaided. 

Sitter Sessions are hands down, the most fun! At this age it is easy to get smiles and giggles and therefore a gallery full of beautiful images to celebrate this milestone. A definite parent’s favourite (and mine!). Sitter sessions are much quicker to do than most, simply because there is usually only a small window of time to keep the baby's attention. So, I like to work quickly, changing props and outfits as long a baby is happy. I provide outfits, but you are welcome to bring anything you'd like.   But I will happily capture any milestone/birthday/celebration/season! 

For Sitter Sessions, I recommend to book for around two weeks after baby sits up unaided. 

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